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What Would Life Be Like If You Were Fully Aware?

For the past week the Bhagavad Gita in the New Age study group participants have been asking ourselves, “If I had a fully expanded awareness, how would it change this moment right now?”

Last week we were discussing the Tree of Life and how it is intended to help us understand the relationship between our physical world and what is beyond it.

I just finished reading the book Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. She was in a coma and nearly declared dead when she had what some would call a near death experience. In that state she felt a more expanded awareness. She felt connected and one with all beings and all objects. Negative emotions and conflicts did not exist and only unconditional love was felt. Definitions and judgements of how life should be disappeared. Ideologies can create too narrow a path to stay open to the realm of the infinite.

With Anita’s and the Bhagavad Gita’s lessons in mind, we started the exploration for our own selves. I have personally had some great revelations and successes in the last week.

If you remember my blog from last week, Destroy Me, I mentioned I was having trouble figuring out to how resolve the feeling of disharmony in a relationship. Part of the issue for me was this person was not willing to connect with me to sift that out. Even if I resolve all internal conflict within me, I am still left with a relationship that feels it is not expressing a free, open, and loving connection through our human interactions.

At the time Anita’s father passed away, she felt he left feeling some negative reactions to her choices. However, when she saw him while in the coma, he only exuded pure love towards her. I imagined if I met this man in a more expanded state, all disharmonies from this life would be dissolved. So what does cleaning up a relationship on this plane look like? If that option is not available to you, what do you do? You can remember in the bigger picture, it does not matter on the soul level.

Another great experience has been seeing greater success with my work. I have had greater traction in the past week than I have had all year. I have gotten more clients than in the past year, gotten a lot done, am getting connected to powerful leaders in the health and spiritual fields, and made more money through my business in the first three days than any month this year. I believe that is because these ideas of awareness have given me a greater sense of trust in what I feel driven to do to so that I can allow it to unfold. We can put our best effort forward and then it is helpful to step back and let the universe make it happen.

I myself have felt the pain of blocking myself from fully loving by creating separation due to my rules about life. Tonight as I am reading the Bhagavad Gita sharing 30 qualities that either define someone as “divinely inclined” or “demonic,” I am wondering why the Gita keeps creating such specific definitions. Then it hit me what the Gita is doing is offering an explanation how what is most connected to spirit and most connected to the physical plane. The more connected to the physical plane, the more we see differences as we understand life through our five senses making each of us seem separate. From my perception one is not wrong or right yet the opposite can feel demonic when not in alignment with how much we personally connect either to the physical or spiritual plane.

You can watch recordings of Bhagavad in the New Age study group to review these qualities. My intention was to lead people into, instead of dissecting these individual definitions in your own life, to look at the underlying consciousness of all actions and feelings instead. Ask yourself do you feel contractive or expansive? Do you feel tired or energetic? Do you feel fear or passion? Do you feel nervous or calm? Please share in the comments box below how you feel life would be different if you were fully aware right now.

The Bhagavad Gita in the New Age Online Study Group explored how the Gita’s ancient wisdom can be transformed for today’s awakened consciousness. You can enjoy some of the recordings by clicking here!

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