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"Avital is an ideal and much needed healer for today's world."

—Forbes Riley, Creator/CEO SpinGym, motivational speaker, author, and visionary behind the Forbes Factor

Coaching, Consultations, and Counseling

“Working with Avital has been life altering. By changing my diet, I feel healthier and happier. For the first time in my adult life my blood pressure is normal. My doctor says “Keep up the good work.”

Avital cares about me and my progress.  She is there for me when I need her.  I appreciate her and her extensive health and food knowledge. I am very grateful that she keeps me on track and that she is now a part of my life’s journey.”
—Jill Davis, Beaverton, OR

“Avital is an amazing healer, mentor and spiritualist. Highly motivated by her passion for truth, healing and love. Avital inspires me to keep myself and my body accountable. She uses her knowledge, self healing, and spirituality to spread awareness of a new level of healing that takes place at a soul level. I am so thankful and in gratitude that I can experience her wisdom and gifts. It is nice when we can use each others experience to grow and heal ourselves. Thank you Avital!”
—Jocelyn Hilling, Denver, CO

“Avital explained how the 3 aspects of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual are not always achieved at the same time. Often there is a lag. This was very freeing for me because instead of blaming myself for not being able to realize certain aspects I desire, it could be that its energy hasn't yet arrived. Her clear explanations of difficult concepts is a gift!”
—Sheri, NYC


“Avital brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion and connectedness to her yoga and meditation classes.  With a smile and infectious positive attitude, she can seamlessly adapt teachings to students needs as she answers questions, offers modifications and even interweaves stories that uplift and inspire.


By organizing a local Empowered Women’s Tea group, Avital is also successful leader.  She has brought several women together to support each other in business and beyond.  


Our community is fortunate to have such a talented and gifted teacher, leader, friend.”

—Donna, Newport, OR

“Avital Miller embodies and represents the many qualities of a true yogi and leader. I first met Avital during Yoga Teacher Training in 2010, and felt fortunate to have the privilege and gift of her teachings. She not only does yoga, she completely surrenders to and embraces the lifestyle that many yearn for as a dedicated practitioner of this ancient, powerful practice of yoga. Her warm spirit and congenial personality give everyone around her a sense of calmness, trust, care, openness, and love. . . . I consider Avital a true blessing and a gift to our world.”
—Newton Campbell, E-RYT 200, Newport Beach, CA


“Not many people have the gift of enthusiasm plus 'follow through' like Avital. More importantly, she has the gift of kindness and generosity from her heart to others.” 
—A. M., Nevada City, CA


“Avital has such a calm and easy way about her that it really made learning stress-free.”
—J. V., Orlando, FL



Energy Healing Treatments

“Avital's application of Pranic healing helped my sinus infection to turn a corner. In her ten minutes of treatment over the phone, my lymphatic system bubbled and drained. I experienced deep, meditative images as I relaxed. I was in the bathtub. My body temperature dropped quickly and the water became very cold. When I told her this, she told me that she had just done a cooling technique on me! I had to add hot water to the bath! I slept soundly for the first time in days and had enough energy to meet her for breakfast in the morning... Something I had anticipated bowing out of because of my health. I feel generally stronger in the past few days since and would like to encourage anyone to request that healing be channeled from her toward them - for any reason. This experience was gentle and effective. I am so grateful. AUM” 

—Brooke West, San Luis Obispo


“I have had two Pranic Healing sessions with Avital Miller. I was impressed with her intuitive insights, and how accurate her comments and questions were to what I was experiencing. Besides that, I could feel energy "fizzing" through different parts of my body. Like an Efferdent tablet dropped in water, stuck energies were dissolving, and floating up and out of my body, in a release that felt wonderful, and euphoric. Thank you Avital for your applying your sensitivity, and skill in this beautiful healing modality.” 



“During my sessions with Avital, I had not a clue as to what she was doing. As I sat in the silence of meditation, I began to feel a strong current of magnetism in the area of my spiritual eye, which by the way I had seen only once, when In 1974, during my Kriya initiation, I saw the most perfect star.
Never, have I ever did such a wonderful Kriya Breath as I did that night. The effects of that Kriya Breath has been sweet and helped me to stay grounded. When I told Avital what had happened she said that she had been doing her energy work on my spiritual eye. Finally, I always felt the presence of my Guru within me and without me. Since that session my kriya breaths are so loving and so sweet.”

—Durgadas, New Jersey


“I feel as if a cloak of fear and sadness has been lifted! I feel more centered, confident, and my mind is less frequently frilled with "mind chatter." It has been easier for me to speak up and say how I feel. It's almost magical. It just comes right out of my mouth almost automatically! My body seems much more sensitive and receptive. At the end of my healing, I felt as if my whole body was totally at peace...that same feeling was just like my near-death experience. What I liked best was the fact that, unlike many alternative therapies/healings, there was very little for me to do but receive. I feel so blessed! Thank you is such a small word for how I feel.”

—Ann Marie Jaggi, Grass Valley, CA


“Since our session, I've felt more in tuned with myself and I also feel a closer connection to my ultimate purpose in life. She not only healed and cleansed parts of me, but also she filled a void in my heart and existence that has been missing. Her smile radiates and enlightens... Her movements flow and capture elegance... Her voice, soothing and recognizable... Her touch, lasting and healing... The purity of her essence, beautiful light and LOVE... Thank you, Avital for sharing your precious gifts with me. Forever grateful...”
—Roger Chavarria (Free), Rocklin, CA



Healing Workshops, Retreats, and Talks

“I'm proud to recommend Avital as a speaker and presenter. I invited Avital to speak at the Portland Oregon International Association for Near Death Studies Group last winter. Her presentation on Healing Happens, her new book, and the stories of the people she encountered on her quest for answers was warm, honest and inspiring. I highly recommend her to other organizations as an accomplished speaker and presenter.

As an internationally published and award winning author, I also support her as a powerful and emerging author on the topics of holistic health, alternative healing methods and body, mind & spirit connection.”

—Maureen Belle, BIArch, MA, Portland, Oregon

“Avital was amazing! I loved her energy. She has a unique gift in being able to gain attention in a very positive manner. I felt like she truly provided value in her presentation.”

—Celso Olivas, Portland, OR

“Avital gives clear and concise instructions which make the Energization Exercises easy to follow. I felt energized right away. My mind is relaxed and ready for the challenge of the day. I will use the exercises regularly.”

—Jingwu Zhang, San Jose, CA

“I was able to clear negative thoughts and re-open my heart. I feel alive and ready to achieve a better life spiritually and psychologically.”



“I was given incredible insight into going deeper into self-realization. I was able to gather tools to help me achieve a better understanding of my life path. Avital is an incredibly bright and wise teacher. I loved her guided meditation and nutritional guidance.”

—C.E., Graegle, CA


“This program was exactly what I needed. The bonding within our group was awesome, the respect shown for each person's challenges and journey. I feel more whole and capable of living genuinely in all parts of my life. Visuals and handouts were great.”



“This really helped me to look within, value myself, and help me focus on me and from there be able to take care of others. Avital was amazing. The food was excellent!”

—R.M., Vacaville, CA


“I was introduced to some ways of living and thinking that will enhance my life after I leave here.”



“This program was very helpful. It's easy to know what I should do, but Avital has shown me some tools to start being the me I know I can be.”



“This program introduced me to yoga in a new way. I love the combination of yoga, affirmations, and music.”





“I’ve had the good fortune to watch Avital perform many styles of dance and she is always an inspiration! The Dancer As Channel is a powerful workshop and really opened my eyes and my heart to the connection with Spirit that is possible when we dance. Avital led class with such kindness and sensitivity to each participant, meeting each dancer where they are and gently showing them a way forward. Her skill at nurturing each individual and in the end integrating all into a simple yet beautiful choreography was truly remarkable!  Whether or not you have previous dance experience, I would recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to deepen their connection with the divine and further explore the connection between body and Spirit.”

—Jas Dziewanowski, Grass Valley, CA


“Avital's dancing is highly skilled and full of light. She thinks about the visual impact of her movements as well as the energy source of the movements. This adds depth to her performances and her teachings. She is a gift.”

—Alicia Free, Ithaca, NY

“I truly appreciated how the flip-side holes of the chakras were acknowledged, the light and the dark, for we are multifaceted beings and the discernment of all the aspects of our being is quintessential for our evolution. Avital provided a nurturing, comfortable and graceful space within which to explore these aspects through mindful movement.”
—Chris B., Portland, OR


“This program opened me to a new repertoire of movement as a means of spiritual expression and self-discovery, freed me of some self-limitations, and helped me tap into my inner source of joy, vitality, and freedom.”

—E.F., Temecula, CA


“This program was very helpful for me. I gained a better understanding of movement and how I can hold my body in "duality," and how to move toward freedom. I really enjoyed the chakra exploration and authentic movement.”

—J.A., Nevada City, CA


“I enjoyed moving to music and script. It was a lovely movement meditation blended with the memories that hearing familiar music can summon up. You created an environment where everyone felt free to explore their own bodies, with music and script to guide our focus.”

—Marguerite Fishman, Portland, OR 


“Absolutely helpful. It brought me closer to joy within my body and love for dance. It brought me some freedom from tension and stress also. Each class was great.”

—A.L., Nevada City, CA


“I have seen so many dance performances . . . to some of them, their ego and title alone gets into dancing. . . . Some [dancers] jump across the stage. . . . Some show how energetic they are when on stage. . . . So . . . what is dance? . . . It is an art to draw cosmic energy through mudras and bhavas by creating ripples in the cosmic ocean, and passing it to the observer to reap the benefits of joy and ecstasy, if not bliss. . . . You justified this definition. You are the best in dancing . . . what a commitment and capacity to perform even in a limited space. We are grateful to you.”

—Vijay Mohan, Chennai, India


“Avital, through her dance reminiscent of higher realms, brings a joy to her audience that touches the heart. The grace of human form and movement shine through her smile as well as her steps. A performance not to be missed!”  

—Lila Devi, author and founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, Assisi, Italy


“I felt, for the first time, my own spirit come through in my movement. I felt, for the first time, completely at ease dancing in front of others. So powerful and empowering to discover who I am through movement. I came to learn how to dance with devotion, and gained tools, skills, and experience of this. Avital, thank you for making this fun, deep, challenging, and meaningful, and for showing us how to dance and live with devotion to God.”

—KB, Menlo Park, CA


“In over 30 years of studying, performing and appreciating a wide variety of dance forms, it has been very refreshing to meet Avital on the dance floor and to watch her perform. With what seems like an endless range of styling to draw on, along with strength and flexibility to articulate, she expresses volumes in the language of dance that touch the heart loud and clear. Her ease and playfulness make it fun to watch her or share the floor to feed off her inspiration. I have never met a dancer who is so at ease, transparent, expressive and fun in every dance setting I have shared with her to date. Her story telling in movement is as entertaining as it is enlightening. She was born to dance.”

—Bruce Beeley, Nevada City, CA


“I listen to Swami Kriyananda’s music and have longed to channel divine energy through movement with his music. Avital delivered much more. We got to notice our movement style, expand beyond those movement habits, offer all to God, and be in an uplifted, inspiring vibration. Too much joy!”

—Jackee Chen See, Nevada City, CA


“...I was also impressed by the choreography – and especially how Avital was able to create such lovely group dances in such a short amount of time. The creative movements and stage setting really made the dancers look graceful and the whole dance very enjoyable and uplifting. To draw the group together so creatively was impressive!”

—A.C., Nevada City, CA


“This program allowed me to connect with the divine dancer within. It freed and uplifted my spirit.”

—JH, Chico, CA


“I'm fascinated by dance but what I received and experienced through Avital's movements were indescribable in words but the joy and healing that I felt were pure in Love and Light.”

—Roger Chavarria (Free), Rocklin, CA



Bhagavad Gita Study Group

“Studying the Bhagavad Gita under the guidance of Avital is such a great experience! She is very intuitive and leads us where we each personally need to be led. I am growing through this study, learning more about who I am, why I am here and how to live the life I was created to live. The Gita is filled with so many treasures and it is such of an inclusive writing. So many times wisdom study groups become exclusive, defining their reality as the best or correct one. This is an inclusive group that has shown me a very big God and Creator of all that is, who guides us to live the lives we were meant to live.


We are able to really dig into the gems of wisdom offered us in the Bhagavad Gita. The group has a calm, yet exciting energy that leads us all forward in our journey and deeper on our path. What a blessing this has been for me.


Avital works with technology as if it were her own little orchestra, she has YouTube, Google+ and telephone callers all orchestrated as seamlessly as possible. She is also working with folks from across different time zones, and with God's guidance she has been successful at finding times that work for us. I, for one, could not be in this group if Avital weren't such a masterful and creative conductor of technology. I love this study!”

—JL, Fresno, CA


“Avital...Your expertise in drawing out the deeper meanings of each stanza was very helpful in providing added insight to my current understanding of them. I think what I liked most about your comments and explanations of these stanzas, was how your interpretations of them can be applied to our modern views and experiences with life, death, and our search for meaning and purpose in life, spiritually and otherwise. And I also very much enjoyed the views of the other students. It is easy to see that they are applying what they are learning from this study of the Gita to their own spiritual search, and finding greater meaning to their lives because of this. Such a fun and enjoyable class!”

—Cyn W., Traverse City, MI


“It has been nearly 25 years since I was last in a group setting studying spiritual literature, but I must say that since I joined Avital's online Bhagavad Gita study group two weeks ago, I am definitely back, and fully in!

Due to her excellent preparation and facilitation skills, I feel as though I've been a part of this group for 2 years rather than just 2 weeks. I really enjoy how she is so willing to open up and share, and how she does it with such enjoyment and enthusiasm. And she has a masterful way of making everyone feel very much at ease.

I highly recommend any of her groups that she facilitates!”

—Jim Williams, Springfield, Ohio


“I just love Avital’s Bagavad Gita Bookstudy Group! She leads it with a lovely balance of playfulness and gravity and Yogananda’s book provides so many valuable insights that are useful for everyday life. I have gained so much from this class and it has become the central pillar of my personal spiritual work.”

—Jas Dziewanowski, Grass Valley, CA



Tarot Readings

“Avital read my cards with a clarity and precision that was razor sharp and right to the point. I was very pleased with how she transmitted the information she was picking up in the reading. The process was second nature for her, and I have no doubt that she is one of those rare Gems of Luminous potential that's here to serve and aid humanity.”

—RK, Reno, NV


“Over the past two years I have found Avital's tarot card readings helpful and accurate in many areas of my life. Her readings are given with compassion and warmth. She has a unique ability to perceive the meaning behind any difficulties or obstacles to help you navigate through various situations in life's and to see things in a new way.”

—Colleen, NY, NY


“Avital read my cards and she was right to the point. I really liked how she answered my question not by intellectual understanding but by deep intuitive guidance. At the same time, she was personal, which helped me understand how to go about tackling my query.”

—Kamlesh, Pune, India


“I just completed my first Tarot reading with Avital.  My question was answered with clarity and love. I really appreciated the explanation and  attention to detail regarding what each of the cards meant, and how I can utilize that knowing in my life. Her warmth and kindness helped immensely in understanding the knowledge that she imparted through the cards.
Thank you Avital for a wonderful experience! I will be back when I am stumped with another life question and need guidance :)”

—SM, San Jose, CA


“Avital's tarot reading illuminated both the question I asked the cards, but also, a deeper question that I had not even voiced.  Her Enthusiasm, Intuition and Heart, brought great clarity and understanding to my reading. Thank you Avital!”

—Meri McEneny, Lake Tahoe


“I found my reading with Avital helpful. She highlighted personal issues that were reflected in the cards I drew and gave me insight and a new perspective on these subtle realities.”
—SB, Northern CA

"It was my pleasure and good fortune to meet you. The Tarot Reading with the resulting guidance and suggestions opened a pathway not considered before to a heartbreaking family issue. In my seven decades on this planet, I have become very good at providing protection for my family and helpful advice/alternatives to family crisis issues to mitigate the pain or to achieve success. In this particular issue, my advice and attempts to ease the pain have failed, not once, but several times. From reading my Tarot Cards, I'm sure you are aware that not being able to help my daughter with these life issues is very devastating to me. As far as I'm concerned, your considered suggestion was nothing short of genius. A positive course to follow "Act as though it has already happened." I shared this with my wife, my daughter and other family members. The entire family is now following the plan."

—LDP, Tidewater, Oregon 



Tools for Success: How to Create a Recharging Habit Weekend Retreat

“This was truly transformative. The program has given me a clear idea of my goals and aspirations but, moreover, it has given me the tools to achieve those goals and an understanding of my life. I loved Avital's gentle and nurturing teaching style. And all the laughter.”

—K.K., Carlsbad, CA



Living Meditation: How to Bring Meditation into Daily Life Weekend Retreat

"This weekend gave me new tools and techniques to use before and after meditation. It gave me suggestions on how to master my ego and how to stay mindful before I react. It made me feel overwhelmingly joyful, loved, and warm." —Stephanie C.


"Avital is a gifted communicator and teacher with a delightful, loving presence. Opening to new practices was comfortable, fun, and exciting." —Mely



Restorative Yoga Weekend Retreat

“As a guys' guy (hunter, fisherman, over-worker), I laughed when my wife suggested this class. Then I thought: "what woud it be like to just rest? Relax?" After this weekend, I will attest that everyone needs to find a way to relax, and if you are like me, sometimes you need someone to guide and help you. To have calmness and compassion in a classroom environment is wonderful. The touch and instruction was welcomed and easy to accept.”

—Barry P., Grass Valley, CA


“Avital is a wonderful and informed teacher who imparts her wisdom clearly and concisely. Restorative is deeply relaxing and certainly lives up to its name.” 

—Priya Darshini, Rancho Cordova, CA


“I have experienced restorative yoga before—but never like this! There was such a deep nurturing, loving embrace felt in each session. I felt relaxed and loved. Avital has a sweet, loving presence absent of any judgement. She made me feel like I could truly experience deep relaxation.”

—Brenda, Elk Grove, CA 


“Avital was priceless. She made this experience something I will never forget.”

—E.E., Chico, CA


“I came to the weekend seeking calmness and balance, and leave feeling at peace with all around me. I slept through the night, both nights, for the first time in a long time. She is the sweetest person I have ever met. Kind, caring, nurturing with the perfect voice and presence to lead this workshop.”

—Michelle P, Grass Valley, CA


“I love that I felt NO pressure to do anything. I could have skipped class or fallen asleep, and everything would have been okay. I loved the structured schedule and that it was not mandatory to follow. Avital is lovely and so happy all the time, but not in an annoying overly perky sort of way. I would like to be as at peace as she is! Lovely!”

—M.H., Hollister, CA


“The restorative yoga helped me to find a calming balance while still feeling energized. It felt nurturing and  healing. Avital was delightful. She has a sweet, calming presence and is very good at putting people at ease. I appreciate her knowledge and surety of the subject.”

—D.B., Sacramento, CA


“I felt the love and care from the moment I walked in. The instruction was perfect and precise. We relaxed, played, and had perfect meditation. I will definitely be back for this soul-renewing class.”

—D.O., Gerber, CA

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