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Healing Happens contains the insight and inspiration from health and healing experts who cured themselves and others despite dire medical prognoses from over twenty illnesses including cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. Readers can enhance the power to heal themselves through natural healing techniques and awareness in order to comfortably, energetically, and joyfully live their passions. Fatal pronouncements do not have to be our fate.

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Healing Happens

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Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog offers a beautiful expression of tranquility and movement, of stillness and action, of sacredness and aliveness... This inspiring collection of stories brings you into the heart and soul of 48 yogis who have transformed their lives through the power and practice of yoga and meditation. Through their vulnerable and wise reflections, you will discover your own spark and motivation to deepen into your practice and understand the connection between your physical vessel and conscious state.

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