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How to Love and Be Loved Experiences
Contact Avital to book at

Decrease the time it takes to connect deeply and increase the harmony, exchange of love, and fun.


This experience includes:

  • Relationship exercises to understand yourself and others more deeply.

  • Partner yoga to find connection through body contact and support, and to keep our bodies healthy.

  • Tantric meditation breathing techniques to establish depth of presence with yourself and others.

  • Movement exercises to facilitate harmonious communication.

  • Training to understand how to increase the flow of love in your life and techniques to do so.

  • A dance party at the end of the day to practice everything you learned.

Awakening Through the Chakras Workshop

Allow dance to help channel your energy inward and upward to the Divine, as we move through each chakra. Discover your authentic movement with the guidance of

visualizations, affirmations, and uplifting music. No dance experience necessary!


“There is in each of us a special song to be sung. None of us is more important, or less so, than any other. Our simple duty is to find our unique song deep within us, and to sing it to perfection. That perfection will come only when we have learned to sing our own soul-song to God, offering back to Him the inspiration of His love.”
—Swami Kriyananda, Art as a Hidden Message

If you would like Avital to lead a workshop or retreat in your area, please contact her at:

Phone: 503.307.3756



“I’ve had the good fortune to watch Avital perform many styles of dance and she is always an inspiration! The Dancer As Channel is a powerful workshop and really opened my eyes and my heart to the connection with Spirit that is possible when we dance. Avital led class with such kindness and sensitivity to each participant, meeting each dancer where they are and gently showing them a way forward. Her skill at nurturing each individual and in the end integrating all into a simple yet beautiful choreography was truly remarkable!  Whether or not you have previous dance experience, I would recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to deepen their connection with the divine and further explore the connection between body and Spirit.”

—Jas Dziewanowski, Grass Valley, CA

“Avital's dancing is highly skilled and full of light. She thinks about the visual impact of her movements as well as the energy source of the movements. This adds depth to her performances and her teachings. She is a gift.”

—Alicia Free, Ithaca, NY

“I truly appreciated how the flip-side holes of the chakras were acknowledged, the light and the dark, for we are multifaceted beings and the discernment of all the aspects of our being is quintessential for our evolution. Avital provided a nurturing, comfortable and graceful space within which to explore these aspects through mindful movement.”
—Chris B. Portland, OR


“This program opened me to a new repertoire of movement as a means of spiritual expression and self-discovery, freed me of some self-limitations, and helped me tap into my inner source of joy, vitality, and freedom.”

—E.F., Temecula, CA


“This program was very helpful for me. I gained a better understanding of movement and how I can hold my body in "duality," and how to move toward freedom. I really enjoyed the chakra exploration and authentic movement.”

—J.A., Nevada City, CA


“I enjoyed moving to music and script. It was a lovely movement meditation blended with the memories that hearing familiar music can summon up. You created an environment where everyone felt free to explore their own bodies, with music and script to guide our focus.”

—Marguerite Fishman, Portland, OR 


“Absolutely helpful. It brought me closer to joy within my body and love for dance. It brought me some freedom from tension and stress also. Each class was great.”

—A.L., Nevada City, CA


“I have seen so many dance performances . . . to some of them, their ego and title alone gets into dancing. . . . Some [dancers] jump across the stage. . . . Some show how energetic they are when on stage. . . . So . . . what is dance? . . . It is an art to draw cosmic energy through mudras and bhavas by creating ripples in the cosmic ocean, and passing it to the observer to reap the benefits of joy and ecstasy, if not bliss. . . . You justified this definition. You are the best in dancing . . . what a commitment and capacity to perform even in a limited space. We are grateful to you.”

—Vijay Mohan, Chennai, India


“Avital, through her dance reminiscent of higher realms, brings a joy to her audience that touches the heart. The grace of human form and movement shine through her smile as well as her steps. A performance not to be missed!”  

—Lila Devi, author and founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, Assisi, Italy


“I felt, for the first time, my own spirit come through in my movement. I felt, for the first time, completely at ease dancing in front of others. So powerful and empowering to discover who I am through movement. I came to learn how to dance with devotion, and gained tools, skills, and experience of this. Avital, thank you for making this fun, deep, challenging, and meaningful, and for showing us how to dance and live with devotion to God.”

—KB, Menlo Park, CA


“In over 30 years of studying, performing and appreciating a wide variety of dance forms, it has been very refreshing to meet Avital on the dance floor and to watch her perform. With what seems like an endless range of styling to draw on, along with strength and flexibility to articulate, she expresses volumes in the language of dance that touch the heart loud and clear. Her ease and playfulness make it fun to watch her or share the floor to feed off her inspiration. I have never met a dancer who is so at ease, transparent, expressive and fun in every dance setting I have shared with her to date. Her story telling in movement is as entertaining as it is enlightening. She was born to dance.”

—Bruce Beeley, Nevada City, CA


“I listen to Swami Kriyananda’s music and have longed to channel divine energy through movement with his music. Avital delivered much more. We got to notice our movement style, expand beyond those movement habits, offer all to God, and be in an uplifted, inspiring vibration. Too much joy!”

—Jackee Chen See, Nevada City, CA


“...I was also impressed by the choreography – and especially how Avital was able to create such lovely group dances in such a short amount of time. The creative movements and stage setting really made the dancers look graceful and the whole dance very enjoyable and uplifting. To draw the group together so creatively was impressive!”

—A.C., Nevada City, CA


“This program allowed me to connect with the divine dancer within. It freed and uplifted my spirit.”

—JH, Chico, CA

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