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Illumination for Hope, Inspiration, and Renewal


Tarot cards are a great method to glimpse a reflection of your state of consciousness. Through these readings, receive illuminating guidance to live fully right now. Because future predictions are often just a possibility based on the present moment, Avital focuses on sharing ideas to help overcome present challenges and discover the most helpful attitudes to face them. Don't be surprised if she quotes from the Bhagavad Gita or shares advice from the teachings of yoga. Gain new hope for the greatest happiness and renew your state of mind.

Why I Started Reading Tarot

Little Miracles After My Mother's Passing:

Up until the final days of my mother’s life, she continually expressed her wish for the family to be more connected. In December of 2012, during a weekend seclusion, I was meditating once more on my white bed before going to sleep. All of a sudden I felt love pouring out of me for my mother in a way I had never felt before, and felt she was going to die very soon. She had cancer for seven years but I was not told her present condition had a time limit...


"Avital read my cards with a clarity and precision that was razor sharp and right to the point. I was very pleased with how she transmitted the information she was picking up in the reading. The process was second nature for her, and I have no doubt that she is one of those rare Gems of Luminous potential that's here to serve and aid humanity."

—RK, Reno, NV


"Over the past two years I have found Avital's tarot card readings helpful and accurate in many areas of my life. Her readings are given with compassion and warmth. She has a unique ability to perceive the meaning behind any difficulties or obstacles to help you navigate through various situations in life's and to see things in a new way."

—Colleen, NY, NY


"I received a Tarot reading from Avital without having any specific questions, and I was completely shocked that she validated such obscure details about my recent past and the present time in my life. Her connection with beyond is obvious, and she translates the messages through a strong connection to her heart."

—Joey Cheong, Sacramento, CA


"Avital read my cards and she was right to the point. I really liked how she answered my question not by intellectual understanding but by deep intuitive guidance. At the same time, she was personal, which helped me understand how to go about tackling my query."

—Kamlesh, Pune, India


"I just completed my first Tarot reading with Avital.  My question was answered with clarity and love. I really appreciated the explanation and  attention to detail regarding what each of the cards meant, and how I can utilize that knowing in my life. Her warmth and kindness helped immensely in understanding the knowledge that she imparted through the cards.
Thank you Avital for a wonderful experience! I will be back when I am stumped with another life question and need guidance :)"

—SM, San Jose, CA


"Avital's tarot reading illuminated both the question I asked the cards, but also, a deeper question that I had not even voiced.  Her Enthusiasm, Intuition and Heart, brought great clarity and understanding to my reading. Thank you Avital!"

—Meri McEneny, Lake Tahoe


"I found my reading with Avital helpful. She highlighted personal issues that were reflected in the cards I drew and gave me insight and a new perspective on these subtle realities."
—SB, Northern CA

"It was my pleasure and good fortune to meet you. The Tarot Reading with the resulting guidance and suggestions opened a pathway not considered before to a heartbreaking family issue. In my seven decades on this planet, I have become very good at providing protection for my family and helpful advice/alternatives to family crisis issues to mitigate the pain or to achieve success. In this particular issue, my advice and attempts to ease the pain have failed, not once, but several times. From reading my Tarot Cards, I'm sure you are aware that not being able to help my daughter with these life issues is very devastating to me. As far as I'm concerned, your considered suggestion was nothing short of genius. A positive course to follow "Act as though it has already happened." I shared this with my wife, my daughter and other family members. The entire family is now following the plan."

—LDP, Tidewater, Oregon 

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