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The purpose of this website is to share inspiration for personal growth towards realizing greater happiness, freedom, and peace within. If you are inspired by what is shared on this website and would like to support its ongoing dynamism, please click on the donate button below.


Donations for Avital Miller help support the following:


  • Service projects like the Valentine Soiree to support No Kid Hungry

  • Microphone, webcam, webinar software, video camera, and video editing equipment for

    • Free guided online meditations

    • The Bhagavad Gita Online Study Group

    • And other webinars, online courses, and inspirational videos

  • Website hosting and maintenance

  • Costumes for spiritual dance performances

  • Sound equipment for presentations and performances

  • Travel expenses for leading classes, presenting at expos, and spiritual dance performances

  • Online and print marketing expenses to promote these programs to a wider audience

  • Continuing education through training programs and books to continue to bring you more knowledge


Thank you! Many blessings to you for your kind offering.

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