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Private Healing Breakthrough Consultations with Avital


Breakthrough to Achieve the Goals You Want, You See and You Deserve.


Connect your desires to reality one step at a time by breaking through to achieve the goals you want, you see, and you deserve.


Are you not seeing the success for yourself that you envision? Do you ever have emotions you do not enjoy? Do you ever have conflicts in your relationships or feel lonely? Do you have chronic health issues. Avital’s tools will help walk you through to the success you desire, emotions you want to feel, harmonious and deeply connected relationships, and glowing health and vitality.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of those key tools to help you meet your goals in any area of life! NLP is used worldwide by many highly successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, J K Rowling, Tony Blair, and Tiger Woods.

In individual Healing Breakthrough Consultations we will follow this five step plan:

1.       Clarify your goals and visions

2.       Enhance and establish your personal blueprint to magnetize success

3.       Strategize the best actions to take towards achieving your goals

4.       Optimize your environment giving you the energy and will power to accomplish anything

5.       Master your psychology so your mindset becomes your superpower

1-1 opportunities with Avital include:

  • Breakthrough to Success with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Supercharge your business with marketing and mindset skills

  • Enhance your leadership skills and run outstanding events

  • Yoga for all body types!

  • Energy Healing to experience new realms of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being

  • Tarot Reading for Illumination for Hope, Inspiration, and Renewal

  • Meditation or Spiritual Counseling

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You can also join our group coaching mastermind utilizing meditation and NLP, Sit and Succeed, to:

  • Network with a high-powered community and continually get the support you need and deserve.

  • Expand your awareness to gain more productivity, ease, and success.

  • Live a more energetic life to attain desired results faster and feel greater freedom.


Learn beyond the cutting-edge wisdom, how to feel more energetic, achieve glowing health and vitality, and embody the courage to take more bold steps in your career and life.

Enjoy live sessions online or in person AND gain access to a library of over 200 exclusive guided meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming recordings.

Problems Solved
  • Establish your blueprint

  • Actions to take towards achieving your goals

  • Optimize your environment

  • Master your superpower

  • Expand your awareness

  • Live a more energetic life

What You Can Expect:
  1. Fast Results

Some of the techniques you will learn take as little as 15 seconds to completely shift your energy towards absolute peace and control.


  1. Individualized Path

Since every one of us is unique, there is not an exact formula that fits us all. Our goal is to help you determine the path towards success that is right for you.


  1. Always Relevant

We are constantly upgrading what is shared according to new research and shifting consciousness so it never becomes outdated.


"Avital is a wonderful human, who has a gift for guiding you to the truth of your higher self! Showing you what is already within you. Guided meditation and NLP techniques are so powerful and Avital combines the two in a truly grounded way. What a lovely experience working with her has been!" 

Dina Maddux Robitaille, Denver

"Working with Avital has been life altering. By changing my diet to plant-based food, I feel healthier and happier. For the first time in my adult life my blood pressure is normal. My doctor says “Keep up the good work.”


Avital cares about me and my progress.  She is there for me when I need her.  I appreciate her and her extensive health and food knowledge. I am very grateful that she keeps me on track and that she is now a part of my life’s journey." 

—Jill Davis, Beaverton, OR

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