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How to Create a Recharging Habit
The Power to Heal Ourselves

Tuesday, June 7, 4pm PST


Learn how much power you have within to create lasting health and happiness. Discover a greater understanding of where healing comes from, so you can heal with more ease, grace, and success. Natural healing methods have sped up the healing process for many people. Explore natural, easy-to-follow, and fun healing techniques you can practice on your own.

In this workshop we will:
Expose what we are really trying to heal.
Evaluate attitudes of mind that support healing.
Clarify how love helps one transcend the effects of disease.
Learn techniques to help feel immediate relief as taught by the great master of yoga, Paramhansa Yogananda, to assimilate the divine healing powers.


How to Create a Recharging Habit
Free Introduction How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality

Free Introduction How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality
Who does not want to feel vibrant and have lasting health? Learn how to empower yourself towards more energy and greater health through performing natural, free, and simple healing techniques on your own.



How to Create a Recharging Habit
Cleansing the Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Fasting

With the latest craze of many people fasting or doing cleanses, you may be wondering what all of the hype is about. The truth is this is an old practice which was initiated to give rest to the "human machinery" when a person was sick. The good news is fasting does not mean starving yourself, but rather eating easier to digest foods for a short period of time. With the ease of digestion, we can help prevent and heal arthritis, rheumatism, and many other diseases. It can also help calm the mind, neutralize emotions, change eating habits, and minimize barriers to connect with God.



How to Create a Recharging Habit
How to Create a Recharging Habit

"Your trials may be great, but the greatest enemy of yourself is yourself!"
—Paramhansa Yogananda, How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality

We constantly have habits we would like to start or stop yet temptations and distractions seem to get in the way. Sometimes the cultivation or elimination of this good or bad habit is what separates us from greater health and livelihood. Discover some of Yogananda’s and my own tips on how to take charge and create a recharging habit.

How to Create a Recharging Habit
How Do We Really Heal?

Often we try and take a pill to cure disease. How often does that just remove the symptom but not actually cure the disease? And what about the new issues that develop from the side effects of medicine? What would happen if we stopped taking the medicine? Often the disease and symptoms seem to reappear. Nothing was actually healed. What if there was a way to heal and free ourselves of as much dependency on medicine?



How to Create a Recharging Habit
How to Tap Into an Unlimited Supply of Energy

In life we desire to have enough energy to accomplish all our aspirations, to fulfill our commitments, and to enjoy life. What is a very simple way to unmask more energy within your own self?



How to Create a Recharging Habit
How to Live a More Energetic Life

In this webinar we will investigate the role of energy within the physical, energetic, mental/emotional, and spiritual practices of healing. We have more choices in life than we realize and those choices can either leave us feeling more energized, vitalized, and awake or not. Which response would you rather cultivate?



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