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The Answer is Within
The Answer Is Within


So much of our time is spent seeking pleasure from outside stimulation, blaming others for our shortcomings, or leaning on others to provide our livelihood. We define ourselves by others’ reactions or opinions. We let our moods go up and down with the changing tides of the circumstances of our life. All of that only works so long as those outside sources are there to supply us with those definitions and emotions. What if there was a way to stabilize everything that you want from within yourself? Where do we find guidance to the questions we have about ourselves and decisions we need to make? How do you reduce conflicts and have more connected relationships? How do you feel more lasting joy? How do you make it easier for yourself to accomplish your goals?

This webinar intends to:

  • help you discover the ways in which you seek your desires from outside yourself,

  • inspire you to seek it within where you can discover lasting sustenance,

  • and, provide tools to do so.

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