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Meditation is a great way to get in touch with yourself and amplify your potential to live life to its fullest. These guided meditations offer a balanced way to get a foundation of techniques on how to meditate and organically experience bliss, joy, and freedom. Practice these regularly and see how your life changes! Enjoy!

Guided Meditation on Letting Go: 

A stained glass window with dirt on it is still beautiful even though you cannot see all the brilliant colors. Clean the dirt away and the true essence is revealed. This is the path of self-realization; seeing perfection within that already exists. Taking time to clear away the "dirt", or rather busy-ness that gets in the way of seeing our true essence, gives us glimpses of our potential within. 

This video is the first of a series of four meditation videos. You will find maximum benefits if you tune into one deeply for an entire week and then follow the next one in the series the next week. To watch the rest of the videos in this series plus three other series, click on the button below.

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