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Meditation Solutions for Healing

Meditation solutions offer a very peaceful and non-invasive way to help heal the body, mind, and emotions. When I was going through my health challenges with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism, I did everything possible on the physical, emotional, and mental levels to live as healthy as possible. All of that steadied my symptoms. When I started to meditate, I started to heal and did not need as much medication even though that was not what the doctors predicted. My astrologer suggested that was because I was filling myself up with light.

Imagine having a glass full of black coffee. If you continuously pour water into that glass, eventually all of the darkness is flushed out by the clear water. As we draw light into our bodies while we meditate, it leaves no room for what may be considered “darkness.” That’s an esoteric way of explaining why scientific research is revealing the health benefits of meditation. With our bodies being made of energy, what we are doing is transforming the type of energy in our body to energy that matches a healthy and vibrant body.

What we want to do is make sure that our approach to meditation does not cause more darkness. Here are two things to consider to help your meditation practice evolve:

1. If you spend the time in meditation thinking about your pain, you run the risk of getting stuck in a whirlpool of that “darkness.” One of the ways to tune into the aspect of light in your being is to focus the eyes upwards slightly towards the spiritual eye while your eyes are closed. The spiritual eye is at the bridge of the nose at the point between the eyebrows.

The spiritual eye is known as the seat of highest consciousness or superconscious thought. An easier way to look at that is also what I call “the joy center” of the body. When our body is upraised and arms overhead we are happy and excited. When we are sad our body droops downward. The simple act of gazing slightly upwards helps move our energy in the direction of joy. Science also reveals that the pre-frontal lobe is stimulated when intuition is being accessed. I like to think of intuition as our greatest wisdom or consciousness, as it helps us step above the challenges or “darkness” at hand.

2. "Darkness" is more about our perception than an actual thing being dark as Yogananda said, "Circumstances are neutral." This is important to keep in mind because if we use meditation to change ourselves, that can be a form of hate towards the divine design of yourself at the moment. When you are in meditation make sure you are truly sitting with yourself and loving yourself. Imagine that you are accessing the light that already exists within you. Feel your body with your breath. As we accept what does show up, it becomes easier to sit in peaceful stillness.

A visualization to help you feel the light within you:

Sit in a position where your spine can be long and legs relaxed in a chair or on a cushion on the floor. In a chair have your feet firmly on the floor or on a blanket so you have a 90° bend in your knees. Have your palms turned upwards so you are open to receiving. If it is comfortable to rest your hands at the junction between your legs and abdomen, that will help your heart stay open. Relax your shoulders. Lengthen your neck. Feel the crown of your head float up towards the sky while keeping the underneath side of your chin parallel to the ground. Close your eyes and gaze slightly upwards as if you are looking at a light at the point between the eyebrows.

Imagine sitting outside in a beautiful sunny spot in nature; maybe by a calm lake, in the quiet forest, among expansive mountains, or by the soothing sound of an ocean. Feel the sun’s rays penetrating downwards and gently warming your body. While still keeping your eyes gazing upwards, bring your focus to a part of your body that is experiencing pain, disease, or just wants some attention. Imagine the pain is really just a request for that part of the body to be loved and nourished. Visualize a golden yellow light growing at the center of that body part just like the sun. You can even visualize the power of the sun coming into your crown chakra and then flooding that body part with light. Imagine that light continually expanding. Feel the warmth and expansiveness. Listen to the quiet peace within your body. Feel free to maintain this visualization for as long as you enjoy it.

A stained glass window with dirt on it is still beautiful even though you cannot see all the brilliant colors. Clean the dirt away and the true essence is revealed. Below is a 30 minute guided video meditation to help you clear the dirt and recognize the perfection within that already exists.

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