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Healing Happens: When You Have a Reason to Live - Part 1

This is an interview for the upcoming book Healing Happens: 23 Stories of Healing Against All Odds. David John St. Clair is an amazing Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and NLP Trainer.

David: It started in 1988 or ‘89 when I met a Japanese researcher, Dr. Hiroshi Oda.

He approached me at Marburg University and talked with me about spontaneous remission, and about the power of the mind and the soul combined when people have the diagnosis of terminal illness and cancer.

He shared that he started to interview 36 people in Japan and Asia who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. One guy had cancer in the lungs, in the bones, and in the liver. They told him, “You just have three months to live.” They did x-rays and Hiroshi told me, “There was no therapy at all for him. They just said, ‘If you have money, take all the money you have, and go on vacation. See different countries and spend it for yourself because the maximum we can give you is approximately 90 days.’”

He totally refused it and said, “I had so much more in my mind to do in life. So my first step was to go into nature without any food and meditate in front of the most beautiful tree. A place where I could sit in serenity and solitude.”

He leaned with his back against the tree, meditated, and focused on the tree for 72 hours without moving his body. He explained, “After a few hours, I started to become one with the tree, and I experienced how everything is connected. I started to feel how my beliefs shifted and collapsed; That it wasn’t about the self-centered me. It’s pretty common, in my experience, that people who have cancer are in a maze of being self-centered and just focused from morning to night on the topic of cancer.

When you start to expand your awareness into something bigger than yourself, the frontal lobe in your brain does something very important. When he started to meditate, the frontal lobe became activated. In those moments of meditation, when the frontal lobe is activated, we forget about space and time. That was the profound healing that began for him where he lost the concept of the self-centeredness, and opened himself up to oneness with nature and with a tree.

When he came back, he felt so very different. They did an MRI and x-rays and saw that the cancer in the lungs, bones and liver was completely gone.

Avital: How long was he away in nature?

David: Seventy-two hours or three full days.

Avital: Three full days. It took three full days, and everything turned around.

David: No, the process of becoming one with a tree, as he described, happened after the

first eight to ten hours.

Avital: When he came back was when they were able to test it and see that it was

completely gone. He didn’t need any medicines to make that happen –

David: Nothing.

Avital: He just tuned in naturally and felt a sense of oneness with all that was around

him in nature and he healed?

David: Exactly. He transcended.

Avital: What if somebody who is reading this, just thinks, “Well this gentleman must have

been extra-gifted. There’s no way that I would be able to make that happen for me.” What do you have to say to that person?

To learn more about the book Healing Happens: 23 Stories of Healing Against All Odds, and discover more inspirational stories and transformative health and healing tips, please visit:

To connect with David John St. Clair, please visit

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