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"Nothing Happened." Healed to Forget the Pain

This is an interview from the book Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds.

Avital: Gail Lynn operates the Life Center in Westminster, Colorado, where she utilizes a unique sound and light healing technology in order to relieve emotional, physical, and environmental trauma. Over five thousand people from all over the United States and eight other countries have visited Gail to be treated in these sound and light chambers. A sonic massage in one of them left me with the same feeling I had after my best meditation experience—light, happy, and free.

I hear that the sound and light technology you use has had major effects on people, sometimes helping them heal beyond what their doctors predicted for their situations. Gail, would you tell us a story about one of those cases.

Gail: An eighty-year-old woman with a broken ankle came to the center in a cast and using a walker. I advise people to do one set of three sessions a month for three months to retrain the body. I explain to them that it doesn’t work overnight as it takes time to retrain the body from injuries and patterns, but this woman claimed she was going to try it for only three days. Afterward, she said, “Nothing happened. But I’ll do what you said and try it for three months.” The next time she came in, three weeks later, she didn’t have a cast or walker yet said, “Nothing happened, but I’m still going to do more because that’s what you advised.” She did a second set of sessions and explained, “Nothing happened.” Then she came in for her third set of sessions with a tennis shoe on instead of a boot and said, “Nothing happened.” That’s just three months of progress for an eighty-year-old woman who had a bad ankle break needing screws and other hardware to fix it.

She finished her three months of sessions and went back to her orthopedic surgeon, who confessed, “I don’t understand. Your bone density went back to 100 percent. I’m going to take the hardware out six months early.” But she still kept telling me, “Nothing happened.”

After this, when I would see her name show up on my phone’s caller ID phone I wouldn’t answer because I was tired of hearing her tell me, “Nothing happened.” Then one day I got this message: “Can you call me back? I need to eat crow.” I called her back, and she said, “Lots happened.” She shared that the doctor told her that twenty-year-old patients don’t heal as fast as she did. That’s probably one of the funniest stories I have.

Avital: Why do you think she didn’t notice that anything was happening?

Gail: I have no idea. Many times the changes are so subtle that people just float along and don’t notice them. I asked her, “Did you tell your doctor you’ve been treated with sound and light technology?” She replied, “No. He would have thought I was crazy.”

Another time a woman came in who’d had headaches every day for ten years. After she did a set of sessions, she said, “Nothing happened.” I asked, “Well, how are the headaches?” She didn’t have them anymore! She didn’t even realize it. Again, sometimes subtle changes happen in response to this sound and light technology and people tell me, “Nothing happened.”

Avital: I have felt that when people are getting healing treatments of any kind but thinking nothing happened it may mean that they have integrated the changes so fully that their consciousness has been altered and they can’t recognize what has happened.

Gail: Right! I call it a ‘new normal.’

To learn more about the book Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds, and discover more inspirational stories and transformative health and healing tips, please visit:

Gail Lynn uses healing modalities of the ancient past and the future. The Energy Genesis applies frequency, vibration, sound and light waves in a resonant frequency to the body, which then allows the body to rebalance and reset itself so healing can happen. Visit Gail at Guardian, Life Center in Colorado,,

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