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Why I Started Reading Tarot: Little Miracles After My Mother’s Passing


Up until the final days of my mother’s life, she continually expressed her wish for the family to be more connected. In December of 2012, during a weekend seclusion, I was meditating once more on my white bed before going to sleep. All of a sudden I felt love pouring out of me for my mother in a way I had never felt before, and felt she was going to die very soon. She had cancer for seven years but I was not told her present condition had a time limit.

The next morning I called my mother and booked a flight to see her in Atlanta. I approached the visit as if it could be my last time seeing her without mentioning that. I did not want to state anything to encourage her passing away any sooner if it was not meant to be. However I did talk with her about the process of dying and shared stories I have heard from people who were pronounced dead yet came back to life. I told her how those people got to visit their loved ones. She said she would like to create some sort of signal so we would know she was there, yet we did not actually come up with one.


During the visit she had a pure carefree child-like joy in her that I had never seen before. She also seemed to become more energized so I thought she was ok and I could go home to California. Shortly after returning home my place of work, Crystal Clarity Publishers, was cleaning out our warehouse. The space was going to be reconstructed into offices and we had to get rid of everything. I curiously came upon a set of angel cards and they told me I could keep them.


I took those cards into my annual seclusion between Christmas time and New Years. I still had the premonition that my mother would pass away soon. Thus I used the seclusion time to pray for my mother and for completion in our relationship. Normally I review the previous year but that time I did a whole life review. And I read the angel cards everyday. I kept waiting for a call stating my mother was going soon, especially after I picked the card named Sonya who assures, “I bring you a message from your deceased loved one: ‘I am happy, at peace, and I love very much. Please don’t worry about me.’” That seclusion was a really deep time for me.

Sure enough I got the call late on December 31 and was able to get a flight on January 2. My mother passed away while I was flying. A lot of adventures then pursued but I’ll have to save some of those stories for another blog post. The funeral happened the next day in Washington DC. Afterwards most of the women in my immediate family and my mother’s boyfriend found ourselves at my aunt’s house. While it was a shock, we thought our time would be better spent doing the things my mother enjoyed like watching her favorite movie, The Frisco Kid. We all remembered how loudly she laughed everytime she saw it. As we went to bed that night my sister asked me if my mother could visit in her dreams. Remembering my mother’s wish to visit us, I replied, “Sure. Why not? Just ask for her to come.”

The next day somehow I got the idea it would be fun to do angel card readings for others. I asked a family member who I thought would be open. She agreed and to my surprise the whole family gathered around to view the reading. Since the reading went quite nicely, my sister asked for one too. She wanted to know what message my mother had for her. She picked three cards and I started interpreting them. As I was speaking she was squirming in her seat. She was always very expressive so I did not think much of it at first. After a few more moments of her anguish getting bigger I asked her what that was about. She said in her dream the night before she saw a man with blue eyes and blonde hair, just like the man on one of the cards she picked. In the dream she asked him his name and it was the same name as that on the card.

After that all the rest of my family members were sold on these angel card readings and had one for themselves. I realized that the cards created a space to open up that would not have happened without their encouragement. We shared deeper feelings and things about ourselves than I had ever noticed us express. It seemed my mother got her wish for the family to be more united and for her to visit us. My family expressed how impressed they were at what an expert I seemed with those cards. Then I let them know I had only gotten those cards a week ago, yet had been offering spiritual counseling for a few years.

I continued to read those angel cards for myself and for friends. At a certain point I wanted more options than what was offered in that 44 card deck and bought a deck modeled after the full 78 card Tarot set. After two more years of doing readings for my friends they told me I should get paid for doing them. Coincidentally I was signed up to teach and perform at a fair where I could get a discount on a booth. I decided to take the dive.


Despite knowing the other readers would have more experience with Tarot, I trusted I had something to offer from being deeply on the spiritual path for over ten years. Since I am not enlightened, I believe any future predictions I make are only based on a possibility from this present moment and the capacity of my consciousness to see. Thus I tried to focus more on offering people guidance to live fully in the current moment than predicting what will happen in the future. I was amazed to see people sit down with strain on their faces and worry in their bodies and walk away in complete relief with a big smile knowing they had an action plan to help ease their current conflicts. I have since signed up to read at more fairs and offer readings in person or long distance through skype. It has been a great gift to offer this service and I hope to continue to do so.

If you would like to set up an appointment with me or find out more about which fairs I will read at, please visit: Tarot Readings with Avital

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My favorite Tarot and Angel Cards:


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