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The Heart's Harmonies

What lies inside that cannot speak?

What bleeds and cries the faintest shriek?

The good kind

Of pain you find.

Cannot be contained,

Destined for all to be stained

By a Love refusing boundaries;

Jumping bursting harmonies.

A Love that knows no other song

Than the one to unite all along.

Receive Me

How shall it feel received

Without the one receiving?

How shall it feel united

Without the one uniting?

The distortions of this plane;

A fog that hides our true vein.

Caught in a story

Forgetting God’s glory.

The higher soul is one.

One by one they appear before me

Strangers’ faces loving,

Loving as one.

Loving as if familiar,

Loving deeper than the depths.

The soulmate Love we yearn for

It’s there beyond the lore

In all hearts beyond this plane

In sight of our true essence.

Gaze your eyes upward,

Let power enter your crown,

Send that light out your heart,

Call forth all hearts core.

Look inside yourself and all,

There resides the infinite Love.

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