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Cleanses for Everyone

The problem today is 75% to 90% of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. Cleanses are a great way to reduce the stress on your mind, body, and spirit. The great yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda said cleansing is “a method for rejuvenating the body cells and awakening the latent powers of the mind and inner forces of the soul.”

As I am getting ready to lead a cleanse this weekend, many people want to choose to participate if the diet interests them. I would like to encourage people that there is much more to cleansing than diet.

Intention is Key

I think many of us have heard of the power of intention and how that sets the stage to clearly direct the performance of our lives. I often have an interesting phenomena with cleanses. Typically the body does not fully detox until day 4 or 5 on a cleanse. Once I started setting intentions, I could feel the symptoms of detoxing before the cleanse even began! Sometimes we forget how powerful our minds are!

“Cleanse your busy-ness”

In my previous blog, Nine Days to a New You, I compared the body to the streets of New York. When we always eat three meals or more a day, our system can get clogged. When we give it a break from running food through it, that’s when we can get more fine tuned cleaning of ‘our streets.’ I love how after just one day of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Nine-Day Diet my mind is so calm and relaxed that I can get deep into meditation right away. Imagine all the other things you can easily accomplish with a focused mind?

We also clog and confuse our system by doing so many things, doing multiple things at once, and having multiple things going on at once around ourselves in this busy creative world. Imagine a factory manager trying to give multiple orders to each processing line. Everything and everyone would get confused.

Have you ever felt how refreshing it is to take a walk in a park or sit on an empty beach? That is how the body feels when you simplify your diet for a few days.

If we can heal our bodies by reducing the busy-ness of our food, why not make a cleanse simply be an experience where we reduce the amount of stimuli impacting ourselves for a short period of time?

What if this weekend you spend an hour alone, or take a walk in a quiet park, or add just five minutes of meditation a day?

Another idea is to eat one meal in silence while focusing on the spiritual eye. Take your time to chew. Your food will digest more easily and you will be able to notice all the wonderful tastes of your food. Maybe add some candles or a photo of a loved one to the table.

Non-Diet Related Cleanse Activities:

  • Get a message.

  • Relax into Restorative Yoga.

  • Soak in an epsom salt bath before bed.

  • Take a sunbath by consciously breathing outdoors.

  • Exercise until you sweat to release toxins.

  • Recite the daily cleanse affirmations included in the online course How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality.

  • Spend more time in meditation.

  • Give your vocal muscles a rest and your energy reprieve from being outward by spending some time being silent.

Peace comes to us in many forms. We get to choose which form will bring us the greatest sense of peace.

If you would like to participate in a cleanse with the support of a group or get instructions, you can join Avital’s next online cleanse through the online course How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality.

The next cleanse is scheduled for this weekend on January 13-16, 2017. You can also follow the step by step guide and practice the cleanse anytime on your home. Click here for more information.

This simple cleanse was created by Paramhansa Yogananda and tested by many to prove excellent results towards weight loss, cleansing toxins from the body, greater energy, greater clarity of mind, breaking bad habits, and feeling a greater sense of joy and freedom. Get all the guidance you need from step by step webinars, written information, research, affirmations, and personal support.

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