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Three Mindsets to Accelerate Your Healing

If someone told you there was a way to accelerate your healing process, completely heal against all odds, and never be worried again about getting sick, you would want to know about it, right? As I am interviewing people for my upcoming book, Healing Happens, I am seeing more and more patterns between what we all believe led to our healing beyond the diagnosis our doctors gave us.

There are three keys that I thought to touch on in this blog post. And I will use five stories as examples:

  1. My story: I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism, among other things, and put on medication for life. After exploring the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers I healed.

  2. Anita Moorjani, author of Dying To Be Me: Anita attempted the natural route of healing cancer until she fell into a coma and was proclaimed by her doctor to have a few hours to live. While in the coma she had what some call a near-death experience (NDE). From the awareness she gained while in a coma, she reawakened and healed within a few days.

  3. Tryshe Dhevney, author of Sound Shifting: Tryshe was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and doctors gave up on finding a resolution to heal her and keep her alive. After a few weeks of playing with a Tibetan singing bowl and toning, to the doctor’s surprise, she healed.

  4. Evy McDonald: Evy is the first known person to heal from ALS when given six months to live. She sat in front of the mirror naked until she came up with a list of positive qualities that was longer than her negative ones. Then she regained functioning in her body and healed.

  5. The cook at Mt. Washington, the monastery Paramhansa Yogananda started: She was diagnosed with polio and told she would be bedridden the rest of her life. She refused. Through her will power she learned to walk again and healed.

The Three Mindsets to Accelerate Healing

1. Acceptance

Good news, acceptance does not mean you have to accept the situation you are in if you do not like it. I am going to define acceptance as tuning into what is trying to happen and focusing your energy in that direction.

When I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s as a young woman with a lot of dreams to fulfill, I accepted that was a life-long diagnosis as my doctor’s had said. What I also accepted was the call to research ALL of the ways in which I could live in the best way possible with the disease. I have experienced a great amount of healing, but if I didn’t sit in that disease for all of that time, I would not have had the opportunity to learn as much as I did and help you more completely. If I did not accept my doctor's diagnosis I may have worked against what was trying to happen and gotten worse or slowed down the healing process.

The moment Anita Moorjani stopped trying to fight cancer, was when she went into a coma. That was when she realized what she was resisting, death, is a beautiful state where we can truly feel oneness and unconditional love. The consequence of her letting go was having an experience where she could return to her body and live with the feeling that heaven is on earth.

One could say the cook at Mt. Washington was tuning in right away to the fact that she was not meant to be bedridden. That is a different feeling than the traditional definition of not accepting your situation.

As you are trying to tune into what actions to take to give you the most happiness, you can ask yourself if what you are doing is fear inducing or filled with love? Does it feel stressful and like dragging your feet or does it feel inspiring, exciting, uplifting, or energizing? We can continue to push with our will to make happen what we think we want and we may even get what we want. Yet at some point I believe if that is not the right thing, the universe will make it obvious.

2. Love yourself

Evy McDonald stated, “As I sat in my wheelchair, six months from death, a single, passionate desire pressed to the front of my mind. In my last months of life I wanted to experience unconditional love. I wanted to know that sweetness.” Little did she know learning to love her body would be the very thing that healed her and has kept her alive since that happened in 1980.

In Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying To Be Me, she shares, ”I think the answer is simpler than it seems, and it’s one of the best-kept secrets of our time: the importance of self-love. You may frown or cringe at the thought, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to cultivate a deep love affair with yourself.”

If we take the last idea of trying to move in flow with what is trying to happen and align ourselves with the intentions of this universe, wouldn’t it be that you are perfect, whole, and complete? I feel the only thing imperfect about ourselves is that we forget to perceive our perfection, beauty, and inherent love. If we do not perceive ourselves as we are, that is not love. If we try to change who we are out of distaste for ourself or our situation, that is not love. If we try to change ourself out of inspiration to move in a new direction, that can be filled with love. Use what shows up as something you do not like as discernment that is not the direction for you to go. You can still feel love towards anything even if you do not like it.

Anita felt her cancer was the physical manifestation of fear and lack of love. When she felt unconditional love and learned to accept herself, she was not a match anymore for that vibration of cancer. She remembered her magnificence again.

If you focus more on living the way you desire rather than healing a disease, that may feel more loving and inspiring. You can also remember to love yourself by simply putting your hands on your heart and expressing the words “I love you.”

3. Awareness

Everything that I have been sharing are concepts of awareness that are helpful for the healing process. Having this sense of awareness goes beyond what the mind usually perceives. As a physical being we tend to relate to this world through our five senses. That is the information that gets filtered through our mind in a form we can perceive. Why should this world be limited to just that? When once the earth was flat and then found to be round, couldn’t there be more than we have even perceived yet?

All of the actions I took with my physical environment, energy levels, emotions, relationships, thoughts in my mind helped me remain comfortable physically at a steady state. When I started to meditate, and meditate with the thought of God or a higher power beyond just my physical body, was when I was able to heal enough to get off of medication.

In her book Anita describes, “My healing wasn’t so much born from a shift in my state of mind or beliefs as it was from finally allowing my true spirit to shine through. The state I was in during my NDE was way beyond the mind, and I healed because my damaging thoughts were simply out of the way completely.” She also explains, “When we get in touch with that infinite place within us where we are Whole, then illness can’t remain in the body.” I can keep quoting much of her book because her understanding matches what I have been tuning into.

One way to get beyond the mind is through sound. One mom who was also involved with leading a healing ministry had two teens at the same time as a toddler. She played Swami Kriyananda chanting AUM in the evenings to help the toddler go to bed. Within two weeks she noticed it was much easier to cut to the chase with her teens as their minds may have realigned themselves with a more aware way of thinking.

Since science has proven everything is made of energy, then it all has frequency waves. Each frequency has a sound. Our bodies are in the greatest health when we match the frequency or vibration closest to what we are meant to be. Yogic understanding shares the root of that is AUM. If you do not have a space where you can chant AUM aloud, then chant it softly in your head. I like to think of chanting AUM in the body part that is in pain or considered ill. You can also visualize a beautiful light around that body part as you chant. Since this process does not involve the mind, you can get beyond any limiting beliefs you may have.

Tryshe Dhevney, who healed through sound, was called “Miracle Girl” by her doctor. Yet, this is how she responds to that in her book Sound Shifting, “This was no miracle. Instead it was evidence of an evolving shift in consciousness. I was waking up to the truth of my own vibrational perfection.”

May we all open our eyes once again to the true beauty that we are.


Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani

Sound Shifting by Tryshe Dhevney

AUM: Mantra of Eternity CD by Swami Kriyananda

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