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Energy Redefined To Feel More Of It

Get ready to learn something about energy that I have never shared before. I will also be suggesting we redefine how we use the word ‘energy.’

Here’s why: First thing to keep in mind as you read this blog is that science has shown our bodies are made of energy. A couple months ago I was going through a tired spell. That can happen in conjunction with the body trying to catch up to an immense spiritual growth that just happened. When the energy body of our consciousness has just transformed, the mind, emotions, heart, and body feel compelled to transform as well to match this new vibration in all of our parts. I believe that can happen in the opposite direction as well.

To offer another frame of reference, consciousness has just begun to form itself in a baby’s body. The body must rapidly grow to match the intention of the soul in human form. You would think a baby being new to the earth would have tons of energy, yet it naps a lot.

Ayurvedically speaking, napping is a tamasic or downward moving energy activity. Without putting judgement on down versus up, it simply means going more into the physical state of energy. When the physical state is trying to transform, it pulls us into it to give it the space and time to more easily transform. The more we resist that, the easier it is for the body to react with disease.

So there I was feeling tired and also believing there is an unlimited potential of energy to tap into. I had goals I wanted to accomplish and could have gone outside to do a few energizing breaths. Yet intuitively I felt to give into the tiredness and nap. That made me question my previous definitions of energy and ways of working with it.

I think everyone and everything has the same amount of energy always. What differs is what we do with it. We feel more energetic when we line all of the force of our energy together and channel it in an upward direction.

Imagine holding a ball and shooting 100 arrows in multiple directions at once away from the ball. Let's say each arrow holds 1% of the energy. What would happen if you shot all the arrows together in one direction? 100% of the force would be moving together creating maximum impact where the arrows land.

The next question is, what direction did you shoot the arrows? If you shot them horizontally, that is like moving with the conscious mind or what you see in life. Downwards can be a feeling of withdrawing from life. We do that every night when we go to sleep so the body can recuperate. We can also shoot the arrows up where we feel a sense of willingness toward life’s activities; where we request the highest possibilities, and where we are most productive working smarter rather than harder.

Shooting all the arrows together and upwards is what we are used to calling having the most energy. I would rephrase that to state all energy is moving in the same direction causing you to feel the sensation of being more energetic.

The willingness factor is an important piece to keep in mind. If you find yourself frequently tired, there may be something in your life you do not have the willingness to do. I trust the harmony in the world so that if you truly had to do that activity, you would find the feeling of willingness for it and not feel tired. As a child I was given the option to drink coffee. Besides not finding the aroma appealing, I trusted that if I was working in harmony with life as it was meant to be designed for me, I would have enough energy to do what I needed to do and not need a caffeine supplement. People used to do in a day much more than we do now. The amount that we do is not what wears us out, but how we do what we do.

The other thing to keep in mind is that as energy is transforming, it is not still; it is moving. Energy is always transforming and thus there is a part of us that is never still. That means during my time of allowing my body to rest so the movement within my physical being could focus on transforming, I also did not want to let my energy get stuck and made sure to go to dance class almost every day.

I challenge you not to always try to feel more energetic, but to tune into what is trying to happen and move your energy with that. When we move with the flow rather than against it, your body will feel a greater sense of peace, health, and you will manifest your intended goals more swiftly.

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