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How to Have the Best Day of Your Life

Today is the best day of my life. I just returned home from a 6 day marketing seminar. On the first day the lead trainer asked us to commit to making each day the best day of our life. They even reminded us every day to help us check in. I loved this idea and was totally on board.

The first thing I noticed was I was still a little moody from challenges that happened before the training that were not even present there. I asked myself, "If today was really the best day of my life would I be dwelling in or even noticing any of these emotions?" The answer was "No." So I had to let them go.

The next thing I thought was, "If today is the best day of my life, this is not what I would choose to do. Being stuck in a room for long days without windows near LAX, on a regulated schedule trying to minimize the vast extent of what I am down to two perfect words is not my favorite thing to do. I would rather be on the beach, travel, dance, or spend time with my friends.”

For a moment I thought I should leave and go do that instead. But I had paid for that program and was interested and committed to getting the most out of it that I could. My resolution was to act like it was my favorite thing to do and it became so fun. Luckily they also do a great job of making it fun and inspiring.

It looked like some people were wondering why I was so excited at neutral moments. Others purposefully wanted to sit with me to help get their juices flowing. I was sitting on the edge of my seat almost the entire time with ears open for any gems that would be thrown my way. I found myself taking more risks than I normally would, staying more connected with those around me than my introverted side would prefer, and telling people I barely knew that I love them.

Here I am in the flow, breathing the excitement on Day 3. Marcia Wieder gave a talk that was absolutely inspirational. Since I completely vibed with her, I wanted to sign up for her follow up program.

As I was walking to the back of the room to register I tried logging into my bank account to double check I had the funds in the right place. My password did not work. Hmm. I tried again without luck and then had to reset my password. I logged in and saw some money was missing.

Do you know those moments where something could be wrong but you do not intuitively feel worried inside so you relax? This was not one of those moments! My money really was gone. There were a series of withdrawals over the last three days and if I did not do something fast, they would continue.

I also knew right then that I would have to get over this quickly because I decided that would be the best day of my life. And being a yogi I knew it was a good test of non-attachment to money and seeing the bigger picture that what happens on the material plane does not matter to the soul, which I value more. I decided I could be annoyed and upset for a couple minutes and then I would take care of what needs to be taken care of and get back in the game of the training.

It was not an easy process to take care of the issue and took a long time to go through all the steps of freezing my accounts, canceling credit cards, and changing passwords. I had to be on lock down for the rest of the trip just having money for food and to get myself home. I missed a very interesting and useful class called the BANK system while I happened to be taking care of my bank.

When I returned to the room the assistant trainer asked everyone, "Who is on the verge of a major breakthrough? I need five of you to line up at the stage." I heard the call and I knew we were going to play follow the leader where I would get to lead others in dance.

I did not even put my stuff down on a seat. I just walked right up to the stage and set my stuff down next to it. I was first in line! I got on the stage and lead the room of about 250 people with full joy feeling absolute freedom.

My guru Paramhansa Yogananda said, "Circumstances are neutral." Life will always test us. Even when what we deem to be the worst happens, can you still make that the best day of your life?

That may not always be possible as situations get more extreme. What you can do is ask:

Why is this happening?

What do I get to learn?

What challenge am I being asked to step up and meet?

How can I be a spiritual warrior in this moment?

And remember these three words that the training ended with, "Mercy, Love, and Forgiveness."

By the way, if you want more of these tips that can be integrated easily throughout daily life to make each moment fuller and richer, you can join my online meditation group.

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