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Love Is Our Natural State

Most people can agree love is one of the most potent and desired experiences. It is something that always exists and we can either tap into it or not regardless of the conditions of our life. Yet how well are we able to do so all the time? I want to share with you an experience I had of feeling another dimension of love from going through foot surgery a month ago.

Despite all of my experiences with natural healing, something intuitively in me felt to move forward with surgery to remove two ganglion cysts from my right foot. It is hard to know exactly why they develop. If I had to blame something, dancing in salsa shoes and pointe shoes would probably be the culprit. Although the painful bumps on my foot were teaching me a lot, when given the opportunity, it felt like the right thing to do.

It turned out to be a very blossoming experience in many ways. What had the biggest impact on me was the way I felt right after surgery. I was very nervous before surgery. Even though a minor surgery, it was still a surgery and I would rather not stop dancing to recover. They had me all set up in my beautiful hospital gown with IV in place in my pre-surgery room. Since I had none of my belongings to keep me occupied, I meditated in between the nurse’s visits.

I decided I needed an extra boost of power so I called my guru and spiritual teacher into the room. Immediately I felt a strong energy of love move into the room. Since that worked so well, one by one I called in all the Masters in my lineage, any other saints who have inspired me, and then all other saints and angels I do not even know about. Why not have all the powers join in to help me through the scariest thing I have ever done!

The next thing I clearly remember was my doctor waking me up. I recall thanking him before my conscious mind even knew there was something to thank him for. He told me the surgery was over and went well. Then I thanked him again as he left just to make sure he knew I was thankful.

I turned my head to the nurse standing on the other side of me and asked where the anesthesiologist was. She replied, “Why? If you are wanting to thank him, you already did that.”

This was the post operating room where many other people were brought after surgery. Every couple minutes I could hear a nurse loudly saying, “Charles, wake up. Your surgery is over…Nancy, your surgery is all done…” I could hear the little beeps on all of the machines.

I was too tired to open my eyes but my mind was regaining consciousness. While meditating, attending spiritual ceremonies, or dancing I have often had negativity pass away and big boosts of feeling enveloped in a state of love. However, this moment revealed a remarkably bigger difference than the others.

Right before surgery I could feel strong resistances to a couple people. After surgery the only thing that filled my space was love. It did not matter if our vibrations, energies, and goals were in alignment for my highest growth potential. As those now came across my path, all I could think about was how beautiful their souls were at their core and how wonderful it was they were following their passion.

Someone recently mentioned that one of the mind’s main functions is to be a defense mechanism. Yet sometimes it insults, doubts, and questions something in order to block us from expanding due to fear of an unknown space that could be good to enter. Anesthesia helps take the mind out of the equation so we do not experience the pain and trauma of surgery. Many people I talked to who have been through surgery have been reporting the same thing; all that was left behind was love and gratitude as if that is our natural state.

As my mind has been kicking back in since surgery, I know I do not need to trust it’s thoughts as the final word. I have been learning to follow inspiration despite any doubts that arise. That movement of energy seems to funnel my focus better and keeps opening an immense amount of new ideas to flow through. And that in turn has helped even more of the negative thoughts fall away and has helped me stay in a greater state of love.

Since I don’t recommend everyone go out and get anesthesia, to help you feel this openness to love try this exercise: Imagine your body filled with light. Now imagine that light extending beyond your body and filling the room you are in. Then see that light fill the building you are in, the street, the city, the state, country, world, universe, and beyond. In that open expansive state we can remove all barriers and stay open to love. Namaste!


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