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How to Change Election Results

With the requests to recount the voting results from the elections in the United States, I thought I would share a few other ideas on how to change the election results.

At this point in the United States we have elected someone as president who says he stands for certain principles and has certain ideas for us. There is still another month until his presidency begins and we do not know which things he will follow through on nor which ones will get passed.

We also had two candidates who were both greatly disliked by many. So if we change the results to support having our other candidate as president, then we get left with a whole set of other problems. With either candidate presenting things many of us do not want, it would be more beneficial to change the results of what this country stands for rather than changing the person who will be the face of this country.

Now you may be wondering how we can do that. Here are a few ideas:

1. Stand firmly in what you believe in. Imagine a magnet that easily attracts a bunch of objects to itself. Or imagine a whirlpool or quicksand that powerfully sucks things into itself. The strongest force is what wins.

When we focus on what we don’t want, we lend force and energy to that cause as if the magnetic pull is moving in that direction. When we focus on what we do want, we create a stronger magnetic pull in the direction of what we want. This also matches the Law of Attraction.

Because we are made up of energy, all of our thoughts, actions, and words are different forms of that energy. The more we align those three things and every cell in our body with our beliefs, the greater the energy our beliefs will have.

And as the great yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda stated, “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy. The greater the flow of energy, the greater the magnetism.”

One other piece of information to note is that the mind sees in pictures. It does not have a visual for ‘no.’ If you say, “Do not think about monkeys,” the mind sees a picture of monkeys and has no way of cancelling that out even though the words “do not think” were spoken. If you tell the mind to think of “pink elephants” then it will see pink elephants and not monkeys. What do you want your mind and others’ minds to see?

2. Send the type of energy to your president that you want him to project to the world. People often become our mirrors. If we send our president hate because we do not like his hatred towards certain groups, then aren’t we being just as bad as him? Wouldn’t we be putting more hatred into the world and offering that type of energy a greater magnetic pull? What if we counteract that type of energy with love and lend a greater magnetism towards love?

3. Send the type of energy to others that you want them to project to the world. One of the lessons we have gained in this election is that there appears to be more prejudice and racism in the United States than we were consciously aware of. We can either hate them and feel this country is divided or once again send them the energy we want to feel and look at what we have in common. Everyone wants peace, love, and harmony. What is different is how we want to achieve that. But once again if we create greater magnetism towards what we have in common, then we can have greater magnetism towards continuing to find common solutions.

4. Meditate on peace, love, and harmony. One of the ways to practice standing firmly in what you believe in, is to spend time in meditation. You can set an intention at the beginning of meditation to help seal certain concepts into all of your cells. The form of meditation I have been practicing is scientifically set up to focus all of our energy and channel it to our highest potential thus creating a greater flow of energy and greater magnetism. I recorded a very deep meditation for world peace right after the elections as well as over 15 other guided meditations over the past couple years that you can access here:

5. Take wise actions that truly make an impact. I have never followed politics closely but always been curious how much actual positive change rallies in the streets or petitions cause. If you want refugees from an impoverished or persecuted society to enjoy the freedom you have, host them in your home. If you want to end hatred, don’t hate those who hate; instead send them love, not because you love them nor what they are doing but because you want them to experience greater love so they can project that feeling onto others. If you do not want there to be as much of a divide between the 1% and 99%, find out what the 1% do that fits in with your morals and do it yourself. There’s lots of dharmic options.

6. Think the way the president does. If you want to try and convince someone to take a certain action because that is what seems fair to you, yet what they value more is money and power, you might not get very far. If you show them how your idea will gain them more money and power, they are much more likely to give you what you want.

I believe the world called in both candidates to make many of the problems this world currently faces more visible. This is our call to action to make the change in the world for the betterment of all. Which of our beliefs are truly better for everyone or just our own judgement? What actions can we take that truly make a difference beyond just creating a buzz? Every moment of every day, what morals, beliefs, and values are you voting for to add to the energy of the collective consciousness?

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