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Three Causes of Thyroid and Autoimmune Disorders For Everyone to Know

If you have been following my work, then you know I once had issues with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, and now I do not. At the time I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, it was not as commonly known that the cause was Hashimoto’s. Today, test results reveal about 97% of people with Hypothyroidism have Hashimoto’s.

Hashimoto’s is an auto-immune disorder. Oftentimes, auto-immune disorders are defined as the body attacking itself. I would like to propose a different meaning; that the body is trying to heal something which seems to be foreign and harmful. Whether that is due to your own body feeling foreign, or is due to the activity of an outside invader, I will explain below.

We often like to find reasons for disease so that we have something to blame, and we also prefer a clear explanation for what we can do to heal. Sometimes the symptoms of disease get exacerbated because of something we did not know. And sometimes disease presents itself because of the growth our soul is wanting for ourselves and humanity. And the story we have at one moment for the cause of disease often changes as we evolve and exist in a different state of being. Thus, what I present here you may not have heard elsewhere, yet it is only part of the evolution of discovery.

1. The body is trying to heal a part of ourselves that has become foreign

The full science behind our eating habits can be very informative regarding many health conditions people are experiencing. Our bodies are mostly made of energy in the form of water, thus it favors whatever you put into it that most closely matches that state. That would be whatever is closest in form to H2O; Oxygen from the air we breathe, and Hydrogen from the sun. Since Hydrogen feeds plants, natural raw foods are closest in composition to that element. When we overcook and process foods, they become dehydrated. When we take a dry grain and cook it some more, it becomes even more dehydrated, which I believe to be the main source of gluten allergies. If you soak or sprout grains before cooking, they are much less dehydrated.

What my acupuncturist explained, who is also an MD, is that when we put dehydrated food into our blood stream, it leaches water out of our cells in order to hydrate it. Then our cells become dehydrated and appear to be a foreign substance that our body thinks it needs to get rid of.

2. The body is trying to heal foreign substances like Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) that seem harmful

EBV is also something that seems to be foreign and harmful. One of the places it sits in the body is in the thyroid gland. Thus, we have Hashimoto’s targeting not the thyroid gland, but the virus in the gland. More research needs to be done on EBV because it is confusing to detect and we are unsure of the long-term effects.

Other “foreign substances” include the many toxins that have been introduced into the air we breathe like chemtrails and non-organic farming chemicals, preservatives in our food, fluorine and chlorine added to our water, and unnatural chemicals in our cleaning and body products. All of those things alter the natural state of the H2O that we take into our body. Those may also seem like foreign substances that our body targets to cleanse them out of the system.

Medical Medium Anthony Williams explains how EBV is the cause of Hashimoto’s, and lists foods and supplements you can eat to get rid of the virus and strengthen the body. You can also do breathing exercises like Kapalabhati to rid the body of toxins. (Links with more info included below.)

3. The body is empathizing with a change we wish for the world

Since we are constantly evolving, why does the body not evolve to match a new eating habit? Why is it that some people get these diseases and not others? Why is it that it is mostly women who are getting Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s? With Paramhansa Yogananda saying, “Circumstances are neutral,” and objects do not have a definition except for the one we give it, how is it that chemtrails can still be harmful?

Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism could be more of a woman’s disease because it is more of a feminine trait to empathize; to feel what others feel and to take their pains into our body. If you look at the world as a whole and believe in the idea of oneness, then what happens to us is not just about our own body, but is also a reaction to what is happening in society.

Even though it seems we do not have the same survival instincts that animals do, those instincts may actually manifest on a more subtle level in our body. The body may resist our modern way of eating because this planet cannot sustain those habits. The amount of material it takes to package everything, make the processed foods, deliver food, and build the machines that make and deliver our food is enormous. It is amazing to be that innovative and expansive, but does this planet have enough resources to sustain that at the speed by which we are moving? I believe many of our bodies are saying no by not functioning properly with a processed diet, and, of course, many scientists are presenting research that reveal the same thing.

I believe another factor that many of our bodies are feeling is the ignorance and greed that comes with this way of doing business. These inventions were made without the awareness of their impact on the planet. Many were created with attention given to making more money than to applying consciousness to this planet’s ability to sustain such practices. Mass-producing foods, purchasing them in cheaper lands, using cheaper foreign labor, and preserving them to last longer in the stores is a very smart way to decrease production costs and thus make more money. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with wanting to make a lot of money. Can we do it in an innovative way that can sustain itself for future generations? I believe this to be another message that is being passed through our bodies.

I also believe that we can choose what energy we receive through our environment and food. We have a choice to redefine all of those things into something beneficial. Maureen Belle, author and healer, whom I just interviewed for my book Healing Happens was on her deathbed from Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. For her last chemo treatment she finally researched what chemical was used. She learned it was the same as a plant she made friends with as a kid. She imagined the chemo bringing in a loving healing energy and did not suffer from the same side effects she normally would from chemo.

We often associate issues within the thyroid gland with imbalances in the throat chakra. One of those imbalances could be what and how we communicate. Previously, in teaching 25-30 classes a week and constantly having meetings with the staff who worked for me, I was shocked to discover I needed to communicate even more when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. What I realized was that none of that communication was personal. I needed to learn to see my feelings and express them in a kind way that is easy for others to receive. One of my Ayurvedic doctors used to tell me to find the “sweet song” of my voice.

It takes a great sensitive awareness for the body to feel where the energies on this planet can be aligned in a higher way. Now that we know this, we can stop manifesting the disease through our body and instead live a more sustainable life, and, if it is your mission, let others know what they can do to nurture and preserve planet earth. Please let people know how you are feeling in your body. Please let them know how making certain changes made you feel better. Let the “sweet song” of your voice of empathy be heard for the good of all mankind!

Other Resources:

My Thyroid Power Yoga and Breathing Practice I performed everyday while challenged with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism:

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