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How to Live Each Day Fully: Live Each Day Twice

The question often arises, how much control do we have over our destiny; what is predetermined, and what emotions or environmental reactions could we change?


I recently watched the documentary, The Living Matrix, a collection of scientific proof of what really heals a person. Research has determined that a healing treatment works when the person using it believes it will work. Bruce Lipton discovered there is no such thing as a hereditary disease. A child born of different DNA adopted into a family with a history of cancer will often adopt the characteristics of that family and get cancer. When you change the environment of DNA, the genetic code changes. Then they showed a study of when people react to different pictures of varying emotional qualities. They noticed the heart and then the brain start their reaction before the image was even displayed on the screen. Thus revealing a sense of intuition to what is predetermined to happen. Or maybe we already know if a treatment will work before we do it rather than it working because we believed it would work. Maybe the child that is to get cancer is vibrationally drawn to live with a family matching the same vibration.


On the plane to India, where I am now, I watched a movie called About Time. It is about a young guy named Tim and his father who have the secret ability to go back in time and relive life differently. That was especially helpful to Tim in trying to get a date with a girl. (You may want to skip the rest of this paragraph if you do not want the end of the movie to be revealed.) When his father passed away he advised his son to relive each day twice. The second time he lived each day he could relax and enjoy it a lot more. It was interesting to see what would change and would not change in each repetition of a day. Generally the main structure of the day would stay the same but someone's emotions would change. Sometimes with the emotional change came changes in the structure of the day. Eventually Tim felt he did not need to relive each day. Instead he could live each day as if it was the second time living that day; with relaxation and trust in whatever happens, and the choice to live in joy. What if we all could live each day as if we already knew what would happen and accept that? Have trust that the mapping of our lives are already laid out but we could change how we feel inside? With that change, everyone around us will also enjoy life more and maybe we could even change the destiny of each moment. It makes me think of doing kriyas too. This is such a strong meditation technique that it can really change us with each breath. Our inner reaction is no longer affected by what is happening outside. As a result, we may mitigate some of the potential karmic plan we were destined to experience. Maybe the child in a family with cancer can break free from the environmental influence by shifting his/her vibration. We never really would know what actions shift which circumstances unless we were able to relive each day twice like Tim in the movie About Time. But I have personally noticed the changes in myself and others as we practice kriya yoga or meditate. People becoming happier, easier to get along with, more intuitive, more energetic, more aware and alive, and all with glowing faces and eyes. To gain that inner sense of freedom through meditation, you can learn to meditate through my meditation program. Click here to learn more.

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